Share Space Now


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Share Space Now? How does it work?

Spare Space Now is space sharing reimagined. We help match storage spaces with potential renters. Search for the space you need and we provide information on local warehouses. We match you with warehouses and show you search results based on your needs. You choose your favorite warehouse based on photos, features, and price. The warehouse contacts you for a walkthrough and arranges the details of your move-in.

How do I register for Share Space Now?

Setting up your profile is the first step in the hosting or renting process! Other users will see your profile to get to know you and feel confident dealing with you. Visit your “My Profile” page to set up your account.

How do I list my space on Share Space Now?

Click “Add Listing” at the top of the page to get started! You will insert information about your space, add pictures, and more! After you submit your listing, there will be a quick review process by our team and then it will go live!

What happens after my listing gets published?

Now we want to help you get it reserved:
Share your listing on Facebook marketplace or other classified services
Respond quickly to messages or reservation requests from potential renters

Can I list space and rent space under one account?

Yes! You can list space and rent space under one account. Your “My Profile” page will keep track of your listings as well as which warehouses you’re interested in renting from.

How do I rent space on Share Space Now?

After creating your account, insert a city, town, or address into the search bar on the Share Space Now homepage. Scroll through the listings to find the right space and price for you!
Once you select a listing you’re interested in, insert your information in the appropriate fields and click on “Contact Property” to start the process.

I just got notified that someone wants to rent space from me. What’s next?

After you receive a reservation request, you will have 24 hours to contact the potential renter. You will receive an email with the potential renter’s contact information!