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Welcome to Share Space Now™, a platform that revolutionizes warehouse rental and space sharing. We cater to small warehouse space for rent, helping commercial real estate owners and brokers maximize earnings by offering commercial warehouse for rent opportunities.

Monetize Your Extra Space

Easy To List

Rent Space On Fractional Basis

For Landlords, Commercial Real Estate Owners, And Brokers

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Unlock potential with Share Space Now™. We enable seamless warehouse spaces utilization, redefining the sharing economy. Turn your business warehouse for rent into a lucrative venture.

Why Share Space Now™?

Monetize Your Extra Space:

Convert idle corners into income with our platform. Make monthly warehouse rental earnings and transform unused areas into assets.

Easy Listing Process:

List with ease, whether it’s a small warehouse for rent or a spacious commercial area. Share Space Now™ guides you through listing steps.

Flexible Rental Options:

Offer warehouse space for rent on your terms—short-term storage, share warehouse space, or unique solutions, all accommodated.

Tailored for Landlords, Real Estate Owners, and Brokers:

Share Space Now™ caters to distinct requirements, providing a space for everyone to thrive.

Discover Alternate Solutions:

Uncover unique spaces beyond traditional offerings. Share Space Now™ connects seekers and providers for alternate solutions.

Explore Possibilities with Share Space Now™

Unleash the possibilities of your space with Share Space Now™. Whether you’re renting or monetizing, we reshape your space. Join us in reshaping the way we use commercial spaces. Try Share Space Now™—your warehouse rental solution awaits.

Our Leadership
Rich Wacksman
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Mobile: (866) 234-5678

Office: (879) 822-3301

Fax: (879) 823-3302

Jennifer Barton
Senior Vice President, Product

Mobile: (866) 234-5678

Office: (879) 822-3301

Fax: (879) 823-3302

Nick Swift
Chief Technology Officer

Mobile: (865) 234-5679

Office: (875) 822-3356

Fax: (874) 823-3312

Kathleen Myers
Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: (866) 123-4567

Office: (879) 711-2290

Fax: (879) 712-2291

Donald Lloyd
Chief Analytics Officer

Mobile: (866) 234-5678

Office: (879) 822-3301

Fax: (879) 822-3302

Amanda Reiter
Chief Legal Officer

Mobile: (866) 123-4567

Office: (879) 711-2290

Fax: (879) 711-2291

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Our people are always working together to build the next big thing, and that really keeps this place buzzing. Whether we’re planning projects or grabbing a beer at our monthly Happy Hours, we all have a great time here.

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